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It's Been Awhile

So I finished my class last semester and managed to get an A. Yay. Thankfully, all my online courses pulled through. Started them this week. And by "started them" I mean have yet to do any of the assignments. I'll do them tonight.

Seen War Horse December 29. One of the best movies I've ever seen. I remember when I heard Luke Treadaway was a part of the original stage production now all these years later it's this huge Spielberg emotional epic.

I quit Remicade. I decided to try Humira and had my second shot yesterday. My first was New Years Eve. Know what I can do after taking it? Eat! I coudn't work up an appetite at all after having my Remicade infusions. Plus, I'm trading in 2 hours for 10 seconds. Also, over 5000$ per Remicade treatment for 5$ each Humira shot. I'm excited about this.

Still at Iowa Tribe. Starting to get bored of working for nothing. I know it's good experience, but still. I did have a job offer for Perkins library. But it would be for children's librarian. Maybe I'm just burnt out from working with my mom when she had her daycare, but I do not want to work with kids. That's not my cup of tea. Plus the job has no benefits and admitted bad pay. So no, thank you.

There is an oppurtunity in Pawnee at a National Native American building to oversee their computer lab. So I'm hoping something will come of that.

Today I drove a friend of my friend's to the airport in Tulsa for her to catch her flight. Afterwards, me and my friend spent a semi-day there. Went to the vintage and I got RocknRolla and Coupling Series 2. Then to a half-price bookstore where I found 5 Fear Street books. I bought them shamelessly. I'm rebuilding my collection!
We couldn't hold off any longer and ate at the Chinese place. I gorged on noodles, mussels, and cheese-stuffed mushrooms.
Having been awake since 7(for me
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What has happened since last post? Started school in Enid two days a week. It's an hour and a half drive. Long and tiresome.

Started volunteering to work at Iowa Tribe's library two fridays ago. It is for a school project but I think I'll keep on with them.

Reading A Song Of Ice and Fire books like crazy. It's a good thing I haven't been tracking that in livejournal because it would've been a lot of whining and blubbering.

Today at school I fell down the stairs. I knew I got on the step wrong and just made sure to fall the rest of the steps down as gracefully as possible. I'm in active inflammation so my joints have been killing me for awhile now. Knees including and wouldn't you know it? When I fell I broke the fall with my right knee bone. It hurt like crazy but I just gave out a quiet "ow", and stood up and continued on my way.


Anyway, that's it in short summation. A few roadtrips with Casey and stuff, trouble with paying for colllege, awful pain with my TMJ and neck and shoulders, but other than that it's been pretty good.
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It All Ended July 17, 2011

Mom and I went to see Harry Potter at the cinema today for the last time.
When the WB logo came up I was thinking *choking back tears*"It's so beautiful..."
It was so good, man, oh my God. Even with liberties, they did J.K. Rowling an honourable justice.
Basically balled when Snape died, choked when Fred was dead, cried mroe seeing Lupin and Tonks, broke down when Harry entered the woods and was surrounded by loved ones. I cried through a lot of it, I can't even name it all.
Then as we were driving home I was like "NO! I missed it." Mom: missed what? "Oliver Wood was supposed to make one brief appearance and I didn't see him." "I thought he looked familiar. You didn't see it?" "NO! I was too busy crying and I missed him! *D:* I'm so stinkin' mad right now."
I really am. i was so excited hearing he'd be back and I missed him!
Oh, also, I was sad that Scabior died. I'm assuming he did. What can I say, I'm a biased Nick Moran fan?
I loved the way the Malfoy's left. When Voldemort's army was falling and Narcissa took Draco and just turned and walked away with Lucius following, I liked that. They gave them a good send-off.
And Alberforth's patronus was bad-ass. Oh my gosh, I was like, woah.
I loved the speacial effects. Like Molly's spell on Bellatrix. Dude. There was clapping when Bellatrix was finished.
Applause also when Neville killed Nagini, as well as applause when Ron and Hermione kissed.
Neville is awesome. Minerva was awesome.
I'm so overwhelmed right now. I just got done crying again a minute ago while literally laying in bed in the dark.
"My life is a dark hole. One. Big. Dark. Hole." I know how you feel, Lydia.
I'm so sad. It's emotional. 10 years of my life that I've grown up with these characters and watching them, it's not easy letting go.

My mom was crying also. She had to take her glasses off more than once.

I'm just a bit totally depressed right now. That's not even all my thoughts I just can't get them out right now. I'm just.. I don't ha

Ok. I can't even explain it. I'm gonna go brood for a couple years. At least a couple months until the collection DVD's come out. I have been waiting all these years not buying the DVD's, I've been waiting until it's finished for the release of the collective set, you can bet when it hits stores, I'm getting them. Nothing will ever be the same, but I will always have friends at Hogwarts.

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I'm Dying

It's week 3 of nothing but over 100 degree weather in Oklahoma. It's awful. An elderly woman my parents friend used to help around died of heatstroke the other day when she fell. It was only 2 hours but she didn't make it.

I'm having flare-ups. My fingers and hands which haven't bothered me in forever are swelling and stiffening.

I'm soooooo ready for this weather to cool off. Ugh. Plus, on top of that we have Oklahoma humidity so it's even more miserable. It was 111 yesterday. 106 today. the wind is even hot.

God, I'm ready for fall.

Other than weather, still haven't enrolled in a school for fall. I'm considering going back to Meridian for the accounting course. I have all my general ed courses done so it'd be a quick associates. I don't know. I'm a bit panicked about it to be honest.
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Good Day!

What a day! We went to Tulsa and I was going to buy at least 4 books. I found two that I wanted: Maisie Dobbs and Decline and Fall. And then I seen another book that just caught my eye. It's called Allison Hewitt Is Trapped: A Zombie Novel. I read the back and it sounded pretty interesting so I got it. I'm really excited to read that.
Then at the thrift store I found The Secret Garden which I loved as a kid so I had to get it. I also got Ireland: A Novel which I've heard of. Also something I had to have that I loved as a kid? Disney's Peter Pan. Like, I LOVED that movie when I was young. I would rent it every chance I got but we never had it. We could either not find a copy or couldn't afford it. It took 20 years, but I finally have that tape. :D
I also got 6 paintings at the thift store. lmao I got crazy. I love them though. It was a pretty good day. My neck didn't bother me like usual and I got a few awesome things.


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Fire Bad. Tree Pretty.

So what has happened in my life? Since last posting, i got a new bookcase. Dad and I put it together ourselves and it's already full. I have graduated. Yep. I am an official college graduate from April 30th. I finally have my AAS in Wed Design degree. I didn't do the walk, but I did pick up my cap and gown for my mom's sake. Casey went with me for that. Which is great, because a 2 hour drive with nobody to talk to would have been soooo boring.
Big news in America is the Osama stuff. When I seen it on tv I just went "wow." Yeah, that is great. I'm sure the families of war and 9/11 feel some relief with this news.

Back to shallow stuff, been watching Game Of Thrones. I say watching, really, I just wait for Tumblr guy to upload the episodes and I download them. A bit obsessed already. Mom bought the book set with 1-4 in the series for graduation. Haven't started them yet because I am reading Bleak House which I'm loving.

My room back here is still in transition. i don't know when it will be finished.

I made a B in technical writing and am waiting for my final Algebra grade. I don't know what to do now. Hmmm. Alrighty, I guess that's that. I figured with how much has been going on, there'd be more stuff to write about, but call me locanic, I can't fill up the space that shows it.

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Mar. 29th, 2011

It's been almost 2 months since posting! So much has happened. Last month OKC had one of the nation's largest booksales going on. Hardbacks 1$ and paperbacks 50 cents. Casey amd I decided to go. So picked her her up and we went. Managed to find the fairgrounds pretty easily and oh my gosh. I'm not one for crowds, mind you(and the place was packed), but I was ready. Casey and I were like "I'm taking this end, you try there." And off we went. It took nearly half an hour to locate each other. I found a hardback of a Nicci French book I didn't have as well as a paperback. Found a few other books. So we both hit a good day. Then we went to the Chuck House to eat and we were talking about a store in Tulsa and I was like "Well, it's early. Let's go." So we went through Stillwater, through my town, all the way to Tulsa on a whim. We bought a Disney Greatest Hits cd at The Vintage and blared that on the way back to drop her off. It was a whole 10 hours before I got back home. lol

Then mom surprised me by saying they'll be moving me to the den since my room(which I've had since I was 9) is too small. So for the next 2 weekends we worked on that. Painted the whole den in one weekend. Now the new bed with comfortbable mattress is back here and new dressers. It's nice. Still a work in progress.

During the last month my TMJ had been acting up and I'd been having headaches like crazy. After a year of procrastinating I swallowed my pride and went to my dentist for a bite gaurd. Got that last week and have been using it every night and know what? It's helped sooooo much. My jaw doesn't kill me like it used to and the headaches have decreased dramatically.

Oh, last weekend, mom and I went to OKC to shop at the thrift stores and at one they had this long picture with three small prints of Monet stacked on each other. Like something in a doctor's office. I almost got it but decided I'd wait until I could find a large framed one. Guess what? Next thrift shop I was walking and a painting caught my eye by the brush strokes. And it was a framed large canvas Monet. It even had  a gallery stamp on the back. So I was very excited about that. So far it's the only picture up on my walls. Also found Downton Abbey last week at Hasting's for 20$ and got that.

On a sad note. When mom and I were in OKC we saw that Borders was going out of business. We stopped and I had a whole bunch of stuff I was going to buy and when I got up I remembered I didn't have my debit card because I had to take it out earlier. So I had to leave and of course was upset. Firstly because I was excited about all that stuff, and secondly because it was the last chance I had to shop there.

Yeah, but that's what's been happening. Been working on my math and technical writing and figuring out if I should go for Accounting in the fall.

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First math exam was yesterday and I had to stay up all night to work on the homework that had to be turned in. Those formulas are crap. The teacher barely goes over them and then there were some problems that she never even mentioned to the class. O_O

So I stayed up, took my test in 35 minutes and think I did pretty well. Maybe not so much with the vocab, but I think I got a lot of the formulas right. Then went home, still couldn't sleep. Finally at 8 pm I fell asleep. I was up for 32 hours! I ended up sleeping for 16. lmao.

I just know I was stressing over the work yesterday morning. Had one of my anxiety attacks and couldn't breathe. So when I was at the sink to dampen a paper towel to help my breathing dad saw and so he got all worried and annoying. A few days ago he was wondering if I needed anti-depressants because a coworker of his was diagnosed with RA and said he needed them with the methatrexate and so dad was asking and worried that I'd been taking that stuff all these years without anti-depressants. I told him I did when I was first diagnosed but stopped a few years later. Now after this anxiety attack he's really pushing for it. Even my mom is saying "They'd make you feel better." "I'm not depressed though.." "Oh, you're not?"

On a happy note, I had preordered Garrow's Law series 1 with Alun Armstrong, Andrew Buchnan, and Rupert Graves last week and I was worried it wouldn't arrive because of the snow storm, but it came Saturday! I was so happy. I watched the first 2 episodes and am saving the last 2 for later. It's an amazing show, and I can't wait until series 2 is released over here because it's just as amazing.

Yeah, so that's my week. We're going to be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow, so funnn.

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Scary event. Dad came home and said he got in a fight at work. An inmate had gotten mad about being wrote up and attacked my dad. His face is scratched and tore up with a black eye and his ear was ripped and he had to have some kind of glue to patch it up. Mom came home and she told him he needed to go to the hospital for a check and have it reported. So they're going now. Hopefully he doesn't have a concussion and he needs a tetanus shot. Dad got the guy in with a few licks and managed to get him down on the ground so his work out's have paid off. That's actually what he's more upset about. Missing his gym work out that he does every night. Mom was like, "You already got enough of one today."

So, yeah, bit scary but thankfully it isn't as bad as it looks.

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I haven't updated this thing since last year! lol
So I have begun Math this week. Monday and Wed. Off Monday for MLK day. Doing Tech Writing online.

Christmas was great. Got a ton of books, some earrings that I'm not allergic to and I can actually wear, and a wonderful comfortable body pillow and matching cover from QVC. I've already read all my Christmas books, got done with them by the 8th. Except for my collections. I got Full worls of Shakespeare: Dramas, Poems, Sonnets. And all of Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.

Been getting back in the swing of things. TMJ has been acting up horribly. So my jaws have been killing me and giving me headaches and it's caused chronic neck pain, which also affects my shoulders and lower back. Infusion Friday so that's good at least.

Yeah, not much has been going on. Mom and I just finished watching It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World on OETA's Movie Club. We were cracking up. So funny. I'm a sucker for a lot of comedies from the 60's.

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